Retro is the foremost European company in Warbird Piston Engine overhaul and refurbishment, specialising in large piston aero engines particularly in Rolls Royce & Bristol types as used in Lancasters, Spitfires and Hurricanes etc.

Retro has the contract for the repair and overhaul of the Rolls Royce engines for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – the company also holds the C.A.A. accreditation BCAR A8-20 M5/E4 & A8-21 design & manufacturing.

Retro can provide the following services to operators of large piston-engined warbirds;

  • Engine & Propeller overhaul & component manufacture
  • Capability for any warbird restoration – of either Allied or Axis origin
  • Customer technical support

Overhaul & repair of the following components;

  • Magneto overhaul
  • C.S.U. overhaul - Dowty Rotol approved
  • Fuel System overhaul & calibration – both carburetion and injection
  • Full testing of all engines using the custom built Retro Dyno-Test bed
  • Manufacture of, supply of, or repairs to, one-off aero parts to original manufacturer's specification